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Tímea Márta

Márta Tímea OK-kMember and chancellor since 2002.

“With collecting and the love of steins, I was infected by my son’s father. He collected steins even before we joined the Association. During the last 13 years I have developed a separate collection which mainly includes salt glazed blue steins, antique ones and pitchers. My son has been collecting steins, but he prefers the mini steins. He has created a nice collection.

My collection is not so big, includes 150-200 pieces. Unfortunately at present, I am very busy and I have not enough time to increase my collection. But when we can, we visit the flea markets and often study the online websites dealing with antique pieces. In addition to my hobby, I had the honour to be asked, and became the chancellor of the Association, but the most important for me is to keep contact, with love and respect towards the other members, is the same importance as my collecting activity.”


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