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László Ürmös

Ürmös László 2 OK-kMember since 1999. Board member since 2014.

Since 1985 I have been collecting everything (beer glasses, beer steins, beer-coasters, glass openers, beer labels) which is connected with beer. Nowadays my collection includes 2193 pieces of beer glasses and beer steins. Every item has an identification number and I  photographed them all individually. I created a file including all the necessary details: shape, size, price and the source . I often go to the flea markets to hunt for new acquisitions. There is only one problem, I tend to buy more and more items. I have to be so called “place- conscious” because my storage space is limited. I have often been presented with steins from my friends and relatives but I have to inform them that unfortunately my flat is full; I have run out of space to display them. 


Collection of: