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László Bársony

Bársony László OK-kFounding member(1999)

I am not a fanatic collector although my collection is over 500 pieces. I received my first beer stein from a senior mining engineer at his school leavers’ ball where I participated as a guest. I had to attend some similar other events as a “Ball-President” and at every event I was presented with new steins so called “valéta stein”. Rarely do I buy steins, I collect the “valéta steins” but my family and my friends often give me steins as  presents. I prefer to drink beer from a beer glass that was the reason I started to collect them. Now my collection is over 100 pieces. I have a permanent problem where to put my collection, my new acquisitions. Later I found a good place for them on my terrace and sitting there, I can admire them.


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