Our members

Members who had requested to discontinue or terminate their membership are not listed here.
Members who had been inactive int he affairs of the Association, do not attend general meetings had been deleted from the list of members per provisions of the 2002 General Meeting.

István Szemere

President, founding member (1999)

“I have been collecting steins since 1973. My Collection includes more than 2000 pieces. When we started writing books on my Collection with my wife, Zsuzsi I was collecting only those steins what I showed in the Books. The most important part of my Collection is: the steins designed by Heinrich …

The late András Follinus

Founding member (1999)

I have been collecting steins since 1994. My first beer glass was attained in Germany. At that time I had a lot of business connections with German partners and I often travelled to Germany to meet them. In the evenings I went to the local pubs where I was invited by the …

The late Tibor Kis

Founder member (1999), life honorary member of our Association since 2013.

I have been collecting steins and glasses for more than 40 years. Firstly, I collected  steins depicting mining activities, and later I started to broaden my collection. The first beer stein exhibition of the country was opened in Kiskunmajsa, in 2007, from my collection.  …

Sándor Polonkai

Founding member (1999)

Since 1973 my hobby has been collecting beer steins, beer glasses and beer-mats.

In my leisure time I have been visiting  flea markets, the antique shops hunting for new acquisitions. My friends know of my hobby, that is why they bring me steins for my birthdays and souvenirs from their journeys …

László Bársony

Founding member(1999)

I am not a fanatic collector although my collection is over 500 pieces. I received my first beer stein from a senior mining engineer at his school leavers’ ball where I participated as a guest. I had to attend some similar other events as a “Ball-President” and at every event I was presented …

István Pammer

Founding member (1999)

When I participated at the first meeting where we established our Association, I only had a modest collection of beers steins, but I was very proud of them. At that time I was the manager of a Hotel operating in an old Castle in Vasszécsény and I wanted to decorate the elegant …

Zsuzsanna Szemere

Founding member (1999)

At the beginning, I only helped to my husband to collect steins, later I “fell in love” with the pitchers and started to look for them when I went to antique shops to buy steins for my husband for Christmas, and his birthdays. Of course I like all the steins in our …

The late Pál Viszkok

Founding member (1999) Died in 2014.

He had a lot of hobbies: sailing, motorcycling. That was the reason when he started to collect steins he collected those steins which were connected with his hobbies. He had a nice collection showing sailing boats and motorcycles.

Kálmán Losonczi

Member since 1999.

I started my collection activity in 1969. At the beginning I was collecting Hungarian beer glasses and steins which were followed by steins from East Germany. From 1990 I have had an opportunity to extend my collection from further sources.

The late József Farkas

Member since 1999.

I have been collecting steins since 1985. I always collected anything, perhaps too many things. Luckily I chose the beer steins.

László Ürmös

Member since 1999. Board member since 2014.

Since 1985 I have been collecting everything (beer glasses, beer steins, beer-coasters, glass openers, beer labels) which is connected with beer. Nowadays my collection includes 2193 pieces of beer glasses and beer steins. Every item has an identification number and I  photographed them all individually. I created a …

András Szemere

Member since 1999.

My hobby is cycling. This is the reason, I have been collecting steins depicting my hobby for the last 20 years.


Anikó Váradi

Member since 2000.

“I started collecting beer steins under the influence of István Szemere with whom I was working for importing beer steins from different German factories. At first it was important, that the steins had to be blue. But as time passed, I learned more and more about steins, my collection changed and developed. …

Ferenc Gertner

Member since 2000.

“I have been collecting steins since the beginning of 1980. My first acquisitions were the East German steins with lids with decals and painted. I collected beer tins and beer glasses too. In 1983 I bought one of my favorite steins depicting a scene from a war. At the beginning, I collected …

József Nagy

Member since 1999.

“I have been collecting steins since 1994. This story started in Germany where I visited and I fell in love with a beer glass. From this time,  I always collected, bought, asked or acquired glasses and steins anywhere, anytime, wherever I go. I discovered a lot of places where I …

Dr. Antal Buri

Member since 2001.

“I had lunch somewhere in a pub in Buda, and read a magazine titled “Maláta” which reported on the formation of the Beerstein Collectors Association. At that time I had 10-15 steins. I got in touch with them and joined the Association. From that time, collecting steins became my real hobby. We …

The late Imre Köves L.


He was a member from 2000 till his death in 2010.

He had a marvelous and unique collection which focused on Zsolnay pitchers and steins. In his last will and testament he bequeathed his collection to the Móra Ferenc Museum in Szeged.


Károly Pogány

Member since 2001. Board member since 2014.

“I started collecting steins and glasses before I knew, I was a collector. It happened about 35 years ago. At first I purchased nice glasses and glass steins and later when I heard about this Association I joined them. From this time my collection activity has became more …

The late George Ungar

He was member from 2001 till his death in 2003.

He was the only Hungarian by birth collector who lived in Israel. His collection was really a unique one, and an article appeared in the media in Israel about him and his beautiful collection. His wife carried on his heritage and sometimes she has bought …

Márton Husi

Member since 2001.

“I became associated with steins through Pista Kajtár.He was the director of a company, and our company sold his products. Pista every year announced a competition among his partners, which company sold the most of his products. The prize was always a nice stein which I always won. When we heard about …

The late István Kajtár

He was member from 2001 till his death in 2015.

He was a really avid collector of antique steins. He wanted to know about the steins more and more, he studied a lot. He was the most active member of the Association. He was very proud of his collection.


Tímea Márta

Member and chancellor since 2002.

“With collecting and the love of steins, I was infected by my son’s father. He collected steins even before we joined the Association. During the last 13 years I have developed a separate collection which mainly includes salt glazed blue steins, antique ones and pitchers. My son has been collecting …

Dr. Barbara Mityók

Member since 2003.

My husband and I share this hobby. I mainly collect the series “ Steins of the Year” produced by KING.

Zsolt Csobaji

Member since 2003.

“In the seventies I was in East Germany and I was fell in love with beer steins and beer. I bought my first steins there. From this time I have purchased steins from every foreign trip and I have often been presented with interesting steins from my friends and the members …

Lajos Virág

Member since 2005.

“My liking for beer steins and glasses emerged from the days of old. I acquired the first items of my collection 30-32 years ago. At that time I was able to buy steins from the socialist countries. As my collection increased I was often presented with steins as presents. After opening the …

József Paulin

Secretary,  Member since 2007.

“First pieces of my collection I got in secondary school, served as a basement of my love for beer steins. I have several types of them, but definite trends can be found in it. I enjoy visiting flea markets, most of my collection came from them, but I got lots of …

Gyula Katona

Member since 2008.

I found pleasure in participating at the meetings of our Association because – among others – it gives me a good opportunity to develop my knowledge regarding steins. That is why I try to be present at all events. To increase my collection, I visit flea markets in Hungary and abroad as …

Éva Forró Pogány

Member since 2009.

“At the first, I only helped to my husband to expand his collection, later I fell in love with collecting steins and that was the reason why I joined the Association. I mainly prefer to collect pitchers.”

The late Zoltán Kalenda

He was a member from 2010 till his death in 2013.  He received his first beer glass in the mid 1990’s. From then on, he was an avid collector, who collected unusual pieces. He returned from every journey with a new acquisition.  The furthest he went to was China, where he acquired a beer glass.

Ágnes Posta

Member since 2013.

“I have been collecting steins since 2011. At first, I collected almost every stein, we –(with my husband) bought what we liked. Since we joined the Association we have learned that “not all that glitters is gold” and we have been looking for the steins knowingly. We are collecting mainly Mettlach and Gerz steins, but …

József Saxa

Member since 2013.

“I have been collecting steins since 2011. At first, I collected almost every stein, we –(with my husband) bought what we liked. Since we joined the Association we have learned that “not all that glitters is gold” and we have been looking for the steins knowingly. We are collecting mainly Mettlach and Gerz steins, …

János Bierer

Member since 2014

“In 1982 I was responsible for developing a souvenir which matched  the profile of our company. My choice was a beer stein. One of them was the first piece of my collection. My name is of German origin and its meaning is “beer”, so I decided to start collecting beer steins. From …

Árpád Nagy

Member since 2014

I am not an avid collector, but I have a small collection. I enjoy participating the events,  because I have some good friends among the members.

Gabriella Ürmös

Member since 2014

Since 1985 with my husband and I have been collecting very different items connected with beer, (beer steins and glasses, beer-coasters, bottle openers, beer labels).  I have participated in all the events organized by the Association. Because our collection belongs to both of us, I decided to join the Association under my own name.

Dr.Attila Nándor Hágó

Member since 2014

“My collection includes about 800-850 steins in different styles and different materials.  Ceramic, porcelain, glass, pewter and wooden steins are to be found in it. I bought them from antique shops, flea markets, and the internet. At the beginning, I collected almost everything. My main aim was to increase the number in my collection. …

István Hódi

My hobby started in 2014 when I visited one of my friends who sold me 10 pieces steins. The biggest part of my collection were bought from flee markets in Austria, Germany and here in Hungary. My friends help me collecting steins as well. Today I mainly buy interesting and special steins. My collection …

Zsolt Kliszek

I am an inexperienced collector. My collection counts of about 30-40 pieces. Most of my steins made of ceramics but I have some steins from glass and porcelain. The new pieces are bought from internet, but I often go to the home flee markets. I prefer to the relief steins and the pieces from …