Association Stein and Other Relics

Our Association aims to prepare for each meeting and event by preparing gifts of varying value. Insofar, we have made two steins, a pin, a keychain, and a t-shirt.

The first 25 members of our Association had the chance to purchase at self-cost this one-of-a-kind stein in either ceramic or glass, tailormade with each member’s name, number, and the association’s stamp.


We commemmorated our 5-year anniversary with this jubilee stein, complete with a feast and a private party.


We try to come up with something new every year. In 2005, we had our badges made – worn with pride by all our members.


In 2006, all members received two of these Association Keychains.


We first wore these blue and white Association shirts in 2005, as part of our „shirt initiation” pork feast.


We had made a very unique stein made in commemmoration of our Association’s 10-year anniversary, which bears the pictures and names of our members. The numbered stein was made in limited quantity (80 pcs).


This tableau was also made for our Association’s 10-year anniversary.


15th anniversary gift