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The late András Follinus

Follinus András OK-kFounding member (1999)

I have been collecting steins since 1994. My first beer glass was attained in Germany. At that time I had a lot of business connections with German partners and I often travelled to Germany to meet them. In the evenings I went to the local pubs where I was invited by the local inhabitants to drink beer with them. I did not like drinking beer, but the beer glass was so nice, that I thought that I had to have one of these glasses, as it felt so good to hold, and I  asked the waiter to give me an empty glass. He gave me one as a present, which I still have in my collection. Later I organized my trips taking into consideration that a brewery or a beer factory would be near my hotel and I was able to ask, buy and sometimes “steal”  beer glasses from them. I classified the European nations how I can collect steins from them. The most elegant are the French (although they are not a beer drinking nation), then Germans and  Turkey. Hearing  that I am a collector, they always gave me, free of charge or for payment the beer glasses that I want. In this respect the worse is the Austria. In Uruguay, I could buy only one piece for 100$  .

 My collection is international. You can find beer glasses from Mongolia, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Argentina, Brasilia and a number of other countries. The nicest pieces are the Belgian ones.

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