About us

Association was founded on 27 April, 1999

The association aims to bring and keep together stein- and glass collectors in Hungary. To achieve these goals, the association undertakes the following tasks:

  • Provides access to each members’ own collection; organizes swaps.
  • Holds an annual general meeting, and elections every five years.
  • Initiates to organize exhibitions and events in the field.
  • Oversees joint research into the origins of antique steins and glasses.
  • Prepares and edits publications and other materials.

The association works on a non-profit basis, and the founding members who are elected officers also work on a non-renumerated basis. As a result, the annual membership fee is HUF 5,000.-, which includes postal and bank fees, as well as the costs of membership cards and the website. Any legal entity can become a member of the association, which carries a membership fee of HUF 13,000.- per year.
Every member of the association:

  • shall receive a numbered picture (as of 2009) membership card made out to his name.
  • shall have pictures of the most prized pieces of his collection placed on our website per his or her request
  • per request shall receive Over-Team Ltd.’s catalogues
  • pieces selected from a catalogue or distributed by Over-Team Ltd. shall be stored free-of-charge up to 3 months.



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Founders: (in order of number of the membership card):

  • István Szemere
  • Gábor Kovács
  • Dr. Csaba Nyárs
  • András Follinus
  • Tibor Kiss
  • Sándor Polonkai
  • László Bársony
  • István Pammer
  • Istvánné Szemere
  • Zsolt Szabady
  • Róbert Nyitrai
  • Csaba Rózsa
  • the late Pál Viszkok