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Dr.Attila Nándor Hágó

Hágó Attila Nándor igazolványképMember since 2014

“My collection includes about 800-850 steins in different styles and different materials.  Ceramic, porcelain, glass, pewter and wooden steins are to be found in it. I bought them from antique shops, flea markets, and the internet. At the beginning, I collected almost everything. My main aim was to increase the number in my collection. At present, I collect mainly the antique relief ceramic steins with lid and the porcelain ones. My first exhibition was opened in Nagykároly Museum Romania. During the 1 month – from the time the exhibition opened – we had about 4000 visitors. About 600 items were displayed from my collection. In 2015 I had two more exhibitions, where at the first exhibition 40 pieces, and then a month later 50 pieces were displayed in Romania.”

Here you can find some links on my collection and exhibitions.

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