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The 2017 General meeting Székesfehérvár

Our yearly General Meeting was held in Székesfehérvár.

Autumn meeting in Nagykároly, 2016

Our meeting was held between 14 and 16. October in Nagykároly, Transylvania. This event was organized by Nandor Hago.

Autumn meeting 2016

We are planning to organize our Autumn Meeting in Transylvania (Erdély) by the agency of our member, Hágó Nándi.

The Meeting of Alte Germanen in 2016

On the invitation of the German Alte Germanen Association our delegation participated in their meeing.

Yearly General Meeting of 2016.

We had the General Meeting of 2016, in 9th of April, in Ráckeve.

The 2016 General meeting Ráckeve

The 2016 General meeting was held in Ráckeve, in The Savoya Castle Hotel.

Beer Stein Book IV by István and Zsuzsa Szemere, 2015.

The Beer Stein Book IV. was published in 2015. The title is: ”Special Stein, Interesting Stories”.

Speech-day in Debrecen, 2015

We celebrated the speech-day of our Association in Debrecen in the Clubhotel of Erdőspuszta.

Year end Party in 2015.

We celebrated our Year and Party in Debrecen, Erdőspuszta ClubHotel between November 13 and 15.

Visit in Germany, in the General Meeting of „Alte Germanen” in 2015.

Our delegation participated the General Meeting of “Alte Germanan”.

The 2015 General Meeting in Inárcs

The 16th General Meeting of our Association was held in 25th April in Inárcs.

Late members

We are very sad to inform that two members passed away. Pál Viszkok in August, 2014. and István Kajtár in March, 2015.

Autumn Meeting in Sződliget, 2014

On the invitation of Szemere István who lives in Sződliget.

Beer and Grill Festival in Kunfehértó, 2014.

One member Virág Lajos lives in Kúnfehértó.

Jubilee General Meeting in Balatonszárszó, 2014

Our Jubilee General Meeting was held in Marc. 22nd Balatonszárszó, in a nice wellness hotel.

Autumn Meeting in Eger, 2013.

We held our Autumn Meeting in Eger, November 8th -10th.

Beer Stein Book III by István and Zsuzsa Szemere, 2013.

The Beer Stein Book III. was published in 2013. The title is: ”Steins from Westerwald and the Gerz Story”.

The 2013 General Meeting in Inárcs

The Yearly General Meeting of our Association was held in 6th April in Inárcs.

Autumn Meeting in Sopron, 2012.

We held our Autumn Meeting in Sopron, between September 28th and 30th.

The 2012 General Meeting in Sződliget

The Yearly General Meeting of our Association was held in 14th April in Sződliget.

Autumn Meeting in Hajdúszoboszló, 2011

We held our Autumn Meeting in Hajduszoboszló, on November 19th and 20th.

Exhibition in Szeged

On the occasion of the International Day on Museums a very interesting exhibition was opened by Mr.István Zombori director of the Museum (on the right).

Stein Collectors International membership

Exhibition in Kiskunmajsa

The first permanent beerstein exhibition was opened in 7th Sept.2007 in Kiskunmajsa from the collection of Mr. Tibor Kiss a founding member of the Hungarian Beerstein Collectors Association. He is a pensioner who has been collecting steins more than 25 years.