Autumn Meeting in Sopron, 2012.

We held our Autumn Meeting in Sopron, between September 28th and 30th.

In the General Meeting Nagy Tibor suggested to organize our Autumn Meeting in Sopron, because he had a friendly personal connection with one of the most famous vine-cellar owner who could offer us a dinner and a vine-testing in his cellar. We entrusted Nagy Tibor with taking the necessary steps.

In Friday evening we went to the cellar where we were eating a fantastic dinner and drinking tasteful vines.

On Sunday we took an excursion on the Lake of Fertő. The weather was clear and nice and we could enjoy the beauty of the lake. On the ship “some” vines were served and a harmonica-player ensured us the good atmosphere.

In the Sunday morning we visited the flohmarket in Eisenstadt where a lot of members were able to buy some nice pieces.