Exhibition in Szeged

On the occasion of the International Day on Museums a very interesting exhibition was opened by Mr.István Zombori director of the Museum (on the right), Mr. István Tóth historian (on the left) and Mr. István Szemere the President of the Hungarian Stein Collectors Association (middle) on 18th Jun in Szeged.

Szeged is one of the main cultural centers of Hungary with more than 170.000 inhabitants, museums, theaters and universities.

The exhibited 350 items are the part of Mr. Imre Köves private collection.

Mr. Köves is a 88 year old pensioner, the member of the Hungarian Stein Collectors Association who started collecting steins, pitchers and jugs about 37 years ago.

Since then he has been an avid collector searching steins and old Zsolnay products in the flea markets and antique shops.

The centre of his 1500 piece collection is the products of the famous Hungarian Zsolnay factory and he has become a well-known Zsolnay expert all over Hungary.

Mr. Köves lives alone in a 2 room block of flats in Pécs. His home looks like a Museum, everywhere steins, pitchers, jugs and plates see the picture.

He has not family that is why he made his will in last year. According to it his collection will belong to the Móra Ferenc County Museum on conditions that his collection will bear his name and will be shown as a whole.

In the pictures you can see the nicest Zsolnay pitchers, jugs and few stoneware steins.

Some very rare steins designed by Fischer Ignác are in this collection. The 2 nicest pieces can be seen on the pictures.

All the Zsolnay items made between 1890 and 1910.

The items are to be seen till 10th Sept in the Móra Ferenc County Museum.

A saddening news arrived just now gives special topicality to this exhibition.

The Senior Collector of the Association, our Uncle Imre died at the age of 89.

He will be sorely missed.

Mr. István Zombori, the director of Szeged Museum announced that the entire collection of Köves Imre would be exhibited in the coming year.(17.07.2010.)